Human Conet

Protecting our planet and its (bio)diversity

About Human Conet

Human Conet is a youth led not-for-profit dedicated to the promotion of social and environmental justice using a bottom-up approach.

Through Innovative Change-Making we wish to spread a culture of hope, a belief in change and an ability to produce it.

Indeed, we envision a paradigm shift in the humanitarian world, one that brings back humans to the core and connects us towards our common goal

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Innovative Change-Making

We use the tools of today to enable creative co-construction of sustainable solutions 

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Grassroot Empowerment​

We deconstruct traditional ways of doing by giving power to those at the forefront

The Team

Thomas Bodin

Flora Magnan

Lucas Taffin

Our Actions

Tierra Aliwa

Protecting Indigenous rights, ancestral lands and the (bio)diversity it contains

Conet App

A global network for environmental justice

The world of Aliwa

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