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Protecting Indigenous lands and their bio-cultural diversity

Indigenous peoples live on the frontline of the war against climate change, putting their lives at risk to protect havens of biodiversity.

But they are not alone. Throughout the world, millions share their desire to see humans and nature living in symbiosis.

We need to build bridges, uniting all of mother nature’s guardians, in order to protect indigenous rights, ancestral lands, and life itself.

Indigenous territories are home to


of terrestrial biodiversity

Indigenous peoples represent


of human cultural diversity

Source: The role of Indigenous peoples in biodiversity conservation, the natural but often forgotten partner

"Indigenous peoples are the living memory of our earth and of our humanity.
They embody a world in which human diversity is beauty and nature is life, a world that needs to be protected as it is being annihilated."

Our Actions

We use information to mobilise international support for the protection of indigenous rights and of ancestral lands.

Earth Guardians

Alongside extinction rebellion and the Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians, we occupied the esplanade des Invalides and demanded that France ratifies the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention 169.


Gollut film festival

Our documentary The Call of the Earth was selected and screened by the Gollut Film Festival of Catalunya


Ground Control / Guardians of biodiversity

Photo exposition, documentary screening, panel discussions.

Putting forth the voices of indigenous peoples of Colombia, we invited all those who consider that nature is not a commodity but a foundation to all life on earth, to unite our efforts in the global fight for the protection of biodiversity and life itself.


Alliance of Mother Nature's Guardians

We, Guardians and Children of Mother Earth, indigenous peoples and allied partners, inspired by the problematics, challenges and solutions found on the ancestral lands of all continents, forests, islands, desert, steppes, mountains, are uniting for the protection of the planet, for peace and for future generations.


The Call of the Earth

The Call of the Earth is a composition of images, sounds, chants and interviews that contextualize the role Indigenous peoples play in biodiversity conservation and the violence they suffer on their path to fulfill their duty of guardians of nature.


Tierra Aliwa

Tierra Aliwa is a collaboration between Human Conet, the Gobierno Mayor – Indigenous Traditional Authorities of Colombia, and the community of Aliwa Cupepe.

Our goal is to obtain the collective title to the land of Aliwa, a territory of 90’000 hectares, gateway to the Amazonian jungle.


"Indigenous peoples are one with the earth, she gives them life and they live to protect her. Their future is intertwined and their stories as well.
When Indigenous peoples call out, it is the earth calling. And we need to listen."

What we fight for


"The question is not: Which world will we leave to our children,
but which children will we leave to our world?"

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