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Human Conet

Human Conet is a youth led not-for-profit dedicated to the promotion of social and environmental justice using a bottom-up approach.

Through Innovative Change-Making we wish to spread a culture of hope, a belief in change and an ability to produce it.

Indeed, we envision a paradigm shift in the humanitarian world, one that brings back humans to the core and connects us towards our common goal.

Grassroot Empowerment

“We deconstruct traditional ways of doing by giving power to those at the forefront”

Innovative Change-Making

We use the tools of today to enable creative co-construction of sustainable solutions 

Our Team


As a kid I fell in love with the world and its inhabitants, this love led me to study and engage in social and environmental ventures throughout the world. 

Two years ago I started working on what would later become the Human Conet organisation. This journey led me to Colombia where I co-developed the Aliwa project alongside indigenous authorities.

My experiences taught me that in order to confront social and environmental issues we need to adapt our ways of doings to the current paradigms.

Lucas Taffin

Project Director

Political Science graduate specialized in Global Environmental Governance, I was born in Paris and raised in New York but its really in Montreal where I developed my political consciousness. Curious, outgoing and well organized, I feel the need to contribute to the wellbeing of my society and combat any injustice that crosses my path. I try to live by the words of the great Albert : “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act”.

Flora Magnan

General manager


As a 25-year-old student, I have had the opportunity to live in different environments and meet people from different backgrounds. These diverse experiences have opened me to the world and its diversity but also confronted me with some shocking injustices.

In order to work in a field that combines my personal aspiration to serve the other, I decided to specialize in international human rights law. 

Today the defence of indigenous people stands at the crossroads of a large number of global issues that need to be addressed and that’s why I decided to co-create the Human Conet organization.

Thomas Bodin

Legal director

Our Partner

“It is our culture, it is our life.”

Pablo, Comunidad de Aliwa, Pueblo Sikuani

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