The Call of the Earth

"The protection of life under all its forms
is the primary objective for indigenous people."

A message from Indigenous Traditional Authorities of Colombia
Gobierno Mayor

The indigenous Colombian movement is born from the convergence of the struggles of first nation people and through the union of the efforts of their traditional authorities. Our goal is to ensure the respect of our ancestral territories through a territorial bio-governance that complies with ancestral norms.

However, these past few months, all of our efforts to protect first nation communities and their ancestral lands were undermined by the series of assassination of our leaders and traditional authorities. Indeed, since Iván Duque was elected president of Colombia last August, 63 of them were assassinated. When you read these lines, this number will undoubtedly have increased.

Despite these violence we will keep on fighting for the survival of our communities and for the defense of Mother Earth's harmony and equilibrium.

We will keep on opposing the violence she endures: the megaprojects, hydroelectric, oil fields, and hydraulic fracturing system (fracking); deforestation, pollution of water sources, of seas and of the atmosphere; the illegal mining operations, the use of mercury, of cyanide and glyphosate...

And because being a social leader in Colombia can't be a synonym of death, we will continue raising our voices for those struck by despair and suffering from injustices.

The fight for the protection of indigenous people must go on. We are the guardians of 30% of the Colombian territory, vast and flourishing lands in which is born the water that gives life and the pure air that allows us to continue fighting climate change.

This is why we are reiterating our desire to co-construct a country of peace for all Colombians, a country that protects the life and diversity of indigenous people and their territories.

Through our cultures, traditions and knowledge we will continue sowing hope for current and future generations.

"The development that is sought by our system and our
governments comes at the expense of Mother Earth's blood."

What is at Stake ?

Colombia is the second country with most biodiversity on earth. Yet, since Iván Duque was elected president on August 2018, 204 social and environmental leaders were assassinated, 71.08% of them were killed for their commitment to environmental protection.

Indigenous people, as guardians of 30% of Colombia’s territory, are on the frontline of this fight for Mother Earth’s survival. Indeed, 63 of their leaders were assassinated since the last presidential election.

In parallel, the Colombian government is seeking to reform the legal framework that protects indigenous rights and their territories. The message is clear, all will be done to exploit Colombia’s resources.

Land Reform
National plan for Development
Prior Consultation

"In the name of Indigenous people of Colombia
and their Traditional Authorities we call upon the world."

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